Synthesis of bulk Nd1-xSrxNiO2 and Nd1‑xSrxNiO3 improved with the A-HSO at Argonne National Lab

Resulting from the recent observation of superconductivity in Nd1-xSrxNiO2 the interest in the infinite-layer RNiO2 (R = La, Nd) compounds revived. Since experimental reports into RNiO2 compounds are quite limited, Nd1‑xSrxNiO2 and its precursor Nd1‑xSrxNiO3 were synthesized and characterized at Argonne National Lab.
Experience shows, that introducing Sr2+ into the RNiO2 structure as a dopant requires quite high temperatures and oxygen pressures. For experimental challenges like this one our A‑HSO furnace was developed in cooperation with John F. Mitchell. For the different experimental approaches the A‑HSO was used for the final treatment of the priorly received material at 1000 °C and 150-160 bar of oxygen pressure. This high pressure annealing technique was decisive to get well crystallized and pure Nd1‑xSrxNiO3.
The subsequently obtained Nd1‑xSrxNiO2 was characterized by its electrical transport properties and neutron diffraction at different temperatures..
We're excited to learn for which other interesting materials the A‑HSO will be of use.